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Why the Caribbean?

Barbados was chosen as our first site due to the very strong entrepreneurial nature of its population. Partly born out of necessity through lack of jobs due to the extended world recession, many graduates from CHSB and other colleges decide to go their own way and live the dream.

Business activities in this beautiful region have tended to rely on tourism as its main business sector. The drop in visitor numbers since 2008 has made the population think about alternatives, in many cases starting a business from hobbies, merely to ensure the household bills are paid every month.

Over the past 20 years or so Spark team members have worked with individuals and companies on making them be the best they can be. Businesses revolve around people and money. If the people perform well then money follows that success.
Some ‘modern’ training seems to have forgotten that business needs to be kept simple to enable as many people as possible to ‘get’ what the business owners are trying to achieve. It really is simple – you buy or make something for $x and sell it for $y and the difference is either profit or loss.

Of course, if you make too many losses you don’t stay in business for long. Our programme entitled ‘The Integrated Entrepreneurial Pipeline – Part 1’ has been specially created for the new entrepreneurs of Barbados.

Integrated Entrepreneurial Pipeline...

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Part 1

Part 1 of our ‘Integrated Entrepreneurial Pipeline’ helps new entrepreneurs learn all they need to know about setting up and running their businesses. In particular it focusses on all aspects of creating a business plan designed to secure funding for your project.

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Part 2

Part 2 concentrates on Growth in an accelerated form to up and running business owners.