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Kirk Brown
'The face of TV'
& Roger Manners
'A face for radio'


The Brown Manners Roadshow
Let us take you on a 2 hour fun session

Do you want to be a sheep or the head of the herd?

  • What is your hot button?
  • What are you like? What do you want to be like?

Do you have oomph? Can you manage stress? Do you have a PMA? No limits

* Success is more than winning!
* Can you really have everything?
‘You can have everything in life if you help others to get what they want’ Zig Ziggler
* How badly do you want it?
* Winners do – losers complain
* Taking responsibility for yourself
* Believe & Achieve
* If it is to be, it’s up to me – Get A Life and have some fun
* Key words
Curiosity; teachability; desire; vision; belief; discipline; simplicity; integrity; focus; objectives; commitment; action; effort; communication; opportunity; persistence; courage; enthusiasm; self-motivation; planning; structured; health; relaxation; relationships; FUN


* To encourage and help employers and employees to live their dreams through their own efforts in building their careers


* Encourage ideas from all staff members in areas like values, problem solving, target setting and achieving, success and failure, financial acumen, what you really have to do to succeed, work ethic
* Everyone feels they are contributing to the business and are rewarded for improved performance

Why Spark & Kirk Brown:

* Spark Global Business Caribbean is an organization with a vast array of experienced, successful operatives across several business sectors

* Each team member of Spark has gone through exactly the same learning experience as todays’ entrepreneurs – there is no easy route to learning how to set up, run and grow your business. It takes hard work and commitment

* Kirk Brown is very well known in Barbados and other islands as a successful musician, DJ, writer, radio presenter with 150,000 social media followers, speaker, entrepreneur, promoter of good causes

Spark Global Business Caribbean has a mission to help make Barbados’s dream of becoming the entrepreneurship capital of the world by 2020 a reality. We need keen young minds to join us on this project and our commitment to you is to help you become the very best you can be in your chosen field.

Kirk Brown & Roger Manners

Seminar Contact info:

Call: 246 288 3717
Facebook: Leadership Pipeline